UB40 – (1984) Geffery Morgan

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UB40 – (1984) Geffery Morgan

  • Release date: 1984
  • Label: DEP International
  • Catalog #: DM 206615-620
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Rating: Good

The entitled Geffery Morgan … gives UB40 a return to their own songs. After Labour of Love the band comes back to their working class roots. “Geffery Morgan (loves white girls)” was a graffiti on a wall seen by the band. It is to be read that the band saw this graffiti and thought it would be a nice album title. Nothing more.

Nothing more? Can an album title be nothing more than just a name? Yes it can! But is this title really nothing more than an album title? No! It’s a statement. A statement laid by a white man to express his racial resentments. Or: a pro statement by a black guy for interracial sex. For whatever reason. UB40 is not a group you may call thoughtless. To me, this is a statement of a band tearing down racial walls.

Geffery Morgan starts with two lyrically strong songs: “Riddle Me” and “As Always You Were Wrong Again”. Accusations against downpressing and white leadership. Unfortunately the lyrics can’t keep a high level. Too many love songs are to find on Geffery Morgan. Ah, but well – he loves white girls. This album is about love.

Musically the fifth studio album by UB40 is one the most modern albums of this UK reggae band. They play with jazzy trumpets, bring in an oriental saxophone in “The Pillow” and all in all they develop reggae music with its percussion playing. Absolutely best song is – ‘nomen est omen’ – D.U.B.. A perfect dub song played by this British band that released Present Arms in Dub three years before. Geffery Morgan isn’t the best album by UB40 but it’s one of the band’s most modern albums.

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